Modular Design for Faster Returns

Designed to have you processing as much as eleven months earlier, at a lower cost than traditional plants, so you can begin earning revenue faster.

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Turnkey Plants Simplify Projects

UOP Russell solutions offer a full suite of service offerings to optimize field production while minimizing engineering and project management costs.

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Quickly Realize the Value of Natural Gas Assets

Experts agree that by 2035 global natural gas use will rise by more than 50 percent and account for more than one-quarter of the world’s primary energy demand.

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    Learn how UOP Russell modular plants can be up and running eleven months faster than competitive offerings (1:49, YouTube)

    Quickly Recover NGLs with UOP Russell Modular Units

    With a ground-breaking, pre-engineered approach, UOP Russell turnkey gas plants are often ideal for the most challenging scenarios, including remote locations, short project timelines and unconventional gas production.

    The UOP Russell line of modular gas processing units offers a broad range of cost-effective technologies and modularized solutions that remove contaminants from shale and conventional natural gas and recover high-value natural gas liquids (NGLs).

    Solutions To Meet Your Needs

    Increase Your ROI

    UOP Russell NGL Recovery plants help increase yields.

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    Fractionate NGLs

    Modular fractionators separate natural gasoline products from mixed natural gas.

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    Turnkey Plant Solutions

    Full-service turnkey gas plant installations help you minimize costs.

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    Listen to Thomas Russell speak about UOP Russell modular plants.

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