Natural Gas Processing: 14 Billion SCF Per Day…And Counting

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Dedication to Innovation
Over the last century, the world’s population has quadrupled and the standard of living increased seven-fold. All of this has been fueled by the oil and gas industry — powering our vehicles, homes, factories and offices, furnishing our clothing, purifying our water, and providing life-saving medical technologies. These advances were made possible largely by technology from Honeywell UOP.

Part of Honeywell’s Performance Materials and Technologies business group, Honeywell UOP has more than 3,000 active patents, a global presence, and a century of experience using breakthrough chemistry and engineering to power global growth.

In nearly 150 natural gas plants around the world, our line of pre-engineered, modular gas processing equipment improves the recovery of valuable methane and natural gas liquids while removing sulfur, carbon dioxide, and water – making natural gas safe for transport, storage and use.

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