Aftermarket Solutions


After your Honeywell UOP Russell modular plant is up and running, we are still here to help you grow your business through:

  • Plant retrofits
  • Advanced process controls
  • Plant refurbishments
  • MOLSIV™ reloads
  • Fire and gas detection
  • Safety systems
  • Replacement parts

Enhance performance of your processing plant through advanced process controls. Honeywell Process Solutions offers Profit Controller technology, a system to ensure optimal control response using minimum manipulated variable movements. Profit Controller stabilizes complex processes – reducing operating upsets – and drives processes to their optimal operating point.

The benefits of Profit Controller:

  • Increase throughput from 1-5%
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Reduced operator intervention
  • Improved C2 & C3+ recovery

UOP’s molecular sieve adsorbents offers longer adsorbent life and higher profitability for your natural gas processing needs. NGL plants often face obstacles with natural gas dehydration that can affect their profitability. These include:

  • Contaminants in feed gas
  • Liquid carryover
  • Coke formation on adsorbent
  • Reflux

By maintaining the recommended MOLSIV reload schedule, you can avoid the dehydration challenges and keep your plant up and running smoothly.

Rapid Delivery of Replacement Parts

Honeywell UOP Russell offers a range of replacement parts, quickly delivered anywhere in world, to help ensure the efficient, long-lasting operation of your natural gas processing equipment.

Replacement parts are available for the following technologies:

  • Cryogenic turbo expander plants
  • Mechanical refrigeration units
  • Amine plants
  • Dehydration and mercury removal units
  • NGL fractionation plants

To speak with a UOP Russell representative about replacement parts, please complete the form below or contact your local Sales Representative.


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