Gas Processing


Our industry-leading gas processing equipment can help you increase yields of high-value NGLs, using the latest in cryogenic plant, fractionator and recovery system technology. Our pre-engineered, factory-built modular gas processing equipment, efficient work processes and easy field installation allows producers to quickly begin earning revenue.

The two Honeywell UOP Russell units on site operate better and more reliably than our competitors’ cryogenic units. The units are extremely flexible and have been taken down to almost 30% turndown without any issues Customer Feedback


UOP 3D Cryo & Fractionation Interactive
Learn how Honeywell UOP Russell modular plants can process and fractionate NGLs

Learn how Honeywell UOP Russell modular plants can recover valuable NGLs (4:50, YouTube)


Customer Successes with Honeywell UOP Russell Modular gas plant builds. Interactive.