Cryo Plants

Honeywell UOP Russell technologies increase the recovery of valuable NGLs, remove heavy hydrocarbons and control dew point. Our pre-engineered cryogenic plant designs recover 90+% ethane, and operate in rejection with propane recoveries in the 90% range and process gas with compositions from <2 GPM to >9+ GPM.

Our standard size cryogenic plants range from 40 MMSCFD to > 200 MMSCFD.

Refrigeration systems can be added to our cryogenic plants to enhance recovery, with sizes ranging from 1000 HP – 4500 HP.

The Value we Offer Midstream Clients

  • Quality, reliability and speed to market
  • Strategic relationships add gas processing expertise
    • >100 plants installed throughout U.S.
    • Proven track record of quick, reliable startup
    • A culture of quality and safety
  • Lifecycle support
  • Plant layout optimization
  • Capacity flexibility
  • Scope variability
    • Ex-works
    • Cryo EasyConnect installation
    • Lump sum turnkey (LSTK)
UOP 3D Cryo & Fractionation Interactive

Learn how Honeywell UOP Russell modular plants can process and fractionate NGLs