NGL Fractionation



Improvements made to the design of the de-ethanizer tower on the new SC20 (Unit 5) have significantly improved the fractionation capability and are a testament to Honeywell UOP Russell’s ongoing improvement to their designs. Customer Feedback

Our standard line of NGL fractionation equipment is designed to make localized, distributed fractionation easy, fast and cost effective for our midstream clients. We offer a range of fractionators that can further separate propane, butane, iso-butane, ethane and natural gasoline products from mixed natural gas streams.

The number of columns and the exact process design is customized based on your raw-mix feed conditions and your desired end products. We have experience in supplying 500,000+ barrel per day fractionation plants to meet your needs.

We offer the following columns with a broad range of capacities:

  • De-ethanizer
  • De-propanizer
  • De-butanizer
  • De-isobutanizer

UOP 3D Cryo & Fractionation Interactive
Learn how Honeywell UOP Russell modular plants can process and fractionate NGLs
Trays & UOP Merox™ Treating

High Performance Trays & UOP Merox™ Treating Catalysts

Advanced trays allow high capacity capability utilizing smaller column diameters and sometimes reducing the number of columns needed. Learn more about UOP’s family of high performance MD™ trays.

Leverage our full range of catalysts in Merox sweetening units when turnaround time and environmental concerns are critical. Click here to learn more about UOP Merox Catalysts.

Our Experience

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Honeywell UOP Russell has a proven track record of helping customers with their natural gas plant requirements from amine to stabilizers to cryogenic plants to fractionators. Click here to view our experience list.