Cryo EasyConnect


Cryo EasyConnect Equipment & Installation Solution

Honeywell UOP’s Cryo EasyConnect installation solution allows midstream owners and operators to process natural gas and natural gas liquids, known as NGLs, fast, easily and cost-effectively. From initial process design to start-up, our Cryo EasyConnect installation allows for centralized tie points off the pipe racks for ease of OSBL installation.

Installation of Cryo & Refrigeration Processing Equipment includes:

  • Cryogenic gas plant & refrigeration area
  • MCC building
  • Foundations for all Honeywell UOP Russell equipment provided
  • Mechanical installation
  • I&E installation


  • Gives you greater control over installation
  • Provides start up and installation assistance, therefore greater Honeywell UOP Russell oversight and troubleshooting
  • We know our equipment better than installers, meaning a quicker and more affordable installation for you
  • Tiepoints are centralized off the pipe racks for ease of OSBL installation

How We Help

Click here to learn how we have worked with our customers on Cryo EasyConnect solutions help maximize their investments and minimize time in the field.


Honeywell UOP Russell has a proven track record of helping customers with their Cryo EasyConnect natural gas plant installations. From amine to cryogenic plants to fractionators, we seamlessly execute installations. Click here to view our experience list.